Beating the Winter slump and goal setting

Written on March 25, 2018
Posted in: Nutrition

As Winter draws closer the mornings get darker, your bed gets warmer and your motivation to go to the gym slowly decreases. I see this every year and you know what? I get it! I have mornings where I hit the “snooze” button over and over, until it disappears. I have days where I just don’t want […]

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Goal setting and progress tracking

Written on October 8, 2016
Posted in: Fitness

Goal setting and progress tracking   If your health and fitness is an important part of your life, as so many of us claim it is, we should be aiming to improve the way we feel, look and move each year. Sure, it all gets harder with every passing year, but it’s not impossible. There […]

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Beat the 3pm cravings and sharpen up your nutrition

Written on September 6, 2016
Posted in: Nutrition

3pm cravings can be a killer for many people and a real block to them achieving their training goals. If you know you are training hard on a regular basis, but still not getting the results you desire, its time to look at the reasons why. For most people it comes down their nutrition. Both […]

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Check out our new training facilities

Written on March 2, 2016
Posted in: Facilities

     Shape-shifters are fortunate enough to be working with West Lindfield Sports Centre. We now have access to an indoor functional training facility and all-weather outdoor training courts. Our indoor training facility is not like “every other gym”, it is designed to improve performance through functional movements. It is equipped with squat racks, bumper plates, […]

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Shapeshifters new website!

Written on July 22, 2014
Posted in: News

We have finally refreshed and launched our new website! It is mobile responsive so you can view the website on mobile and tablet devices too!

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